Nathan’s travel report

Nathan's travel report

I decided to train in China after seeing a website and deciding it olooked like an interesting opportunity not available in my own country. So I saved some cash and checked out various schools. I chose this school as it was recommended, the curriculum seemed OK and the English language teaching and precence of other English speakers would make my transition into full time training a little easier.

It does help and I find the shifus friendly and approachable.

I was initially concerned that, although I’d done preliminary stretching and training, my lack of flexibility may make my trip a waste of time or unbearably diffcult. Fortunately this has not been the case. Instead I have found all exercises within my capabilities and my flexibility slowly imporving. Despite some small injuries along the way, the training (jumps, kicks, acrobatics and forms) is often enjoyable and challenging, and can be done even though my martial arts backgrounds extends only to taijichuan.

Overall, I would say that my stay so far has been a reasonable introduction into gong fu training and basic competition forms.

Nathan Kitchen England