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Hey dear students,

The festive season is upon us, and we have a special surprise for you! 🌟 Until December 31, 2023, you have the opportunity to prepay for your upcoming stay with us and enjoy fantastic benefits. The earlier you decide, the bigger your exclusive discount! 🤩 


Gratis Trainingsanzug - Nur für kurze Zeit!

But that’s not all! As a small thank you for your early booking, our popular training bonus awaits you upon your arrival at the school, given to you as a gift from us. 🎁 You can choose your arrival date flexibly – pay now and decide later, according to your preferences.

So, what are you waiting for? Seize this unique opportunity, save real money, and look forward to an unforgettable stay with great extras! 🌈

If you have any questions or want more details, we are always available.

Wishing you a wonderful pre-Christmas season and looking forward to your visit!

Jetzt kostenlos und unverbindlich anmelden!

Falls du Fragen hast, schicke uns einfach eine E-Mail an [email protected] oder kontaktiere direkt unseren Hauptlehrer Yuan Shifu:

E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +86 (0) 152-25867566
Wechat: 15225867566
WhatsApp new: +86 (0) 152-25867566

Wir freuen uns auf dich - JIAYOU!

PS: Alle die sich dieses Jahr bereits angemeldet haben werden natürlich berücksichtigt und bekommen den Trainingsanzug natürlich ebenso, also keine Sorge :)

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