Axel’s travel report

Axel's travel report

DREVILLE Axel, 24 years old, from France.

At first the idea came to me to link my two passions: Travels and Martial Arts, and my interest in China led me to look for schools in this country. But I must admit that it was a bit by chance that I decided to go for Shaolin KungFu.

I was quickly seduced by this school for very simple reasons: at all times (food, accommodation, training) and à la carte (adaptable timetable as well as the duration and dates of the stay) and this for a very reasonable price; variety of disciplines (Shaolin KungFu, Taiji, Sanda….), the fact of being able to train all day and 6 days a week with people from any nationality but also with Chinese, and for those who want the possibility to take Mandarin classes.

You will also find more than just a school, it is a real human adventure. You make many friends there, often sharing the same dreams as you, and on whom you can count all along your stay!

For my part, I knew nothing at all about KungFu; and not knowing if I would like the discipline or if I would be able to keep up physically, I contacted by email for more information that immediately reassured me. So I decided to try the adventure for a period of 6 months, which has just been revised upwards for 3 more months (and yes time goes by so fast here…) !

During the first 5 months, I was training all day long and then some time ago I wanted to speak a language other than French or English; and yes! I wanted to give myself the means to have better communication with the local population, so I decided to spend half a day learning Chinese!

In a few months, I learned a lot about myself, with “Shifu” (Master) who really adapt to everyone’s physique and abilities, I was able to push back some of my limits and I continue to learn this Art that fascinates me now (bare-handed martial forms, handling Shaolin weapons, acrobatics, muscle strengthening etc….). It is certain that I will leave with knowledge and memories full of memories, but also the desire to come back…

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Even though the current situation is still difficult, our school is still open and we train daily as usual. The requirements and corresponding travel regulations change regularly, so we would recommend you to contact our main trainer Yuan Shifu directly if you have any questions:

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