Jochen’s travel report

Jochen's travel report

The first that you havenimpressions or feeling you get when you arrive at the kungfu school isnt even thought exactly what awaits you.
Well the first days go rather slowly as you have to get used to everything it doesnt mather alot if you came prepared for this kind of training or not as at the begining it will seem that you just cant do any of the stuff other people do.

But thats only at the start ,later after a week or two youll start to learn your first kungfu form and bam! your learning kungfu.After a month of staying here if you have the right attitude you realise that you can do or not can do something depends on you.Thats the most important part,its the fact that you come to learn something,its not a boot camp or similar,if you want results you will have to work for it.If you try your best thats good enough and yes youll notice good results,if your just a lazy prune you should have stayed at home and not even think that your stay here improved anything about you.

Thats the training,about the school itself…well the first impressions makes you think about a more simplier enviroment and the rooms wont be as confortable as back home.But thats enough,later youll be so happy with everthing you got here and learn to apreciate the luxuries left behind at home.
The other foreigners may vary alot,many countries,but you really wont fell as a stranger here as the common mentality is that of normal persons and you can make really good friends here,it all depends on you. As for the chinese,they are….mmmm diferent.very hospital you ll never see hate or agressiveness in their face but more curiosity and surprise.

The food,well that was my personal problem here,it doesnt taste bad and it not weird or something but depending on your normal diet youll ingest it in one way or another.I really recommend bringing something like salt and maybe honey as it will easen your diet.Also its recommendable to increase your variety as soon as you learn where to get other foods like in the city.

China,or better said the zhengzhou area,is quite cheap.I really had a good time without even coming close to my planed budget.Aldo you must allways check the quality of everything and take into consideration that the cheaper it is the quality start leeking.

The trainers or shifus are many things especially patient ,foreigner students can be sooo sissies and they still will allways animate you to keep trying.And if you dont manage a move or dont remember something they will show you again and again until it finally sticks in your head and doesnt come out.

I only stayed for two months but i would have stayed longer i have could and any persons that comes here with the spirit to learn will feel the same , youll miss alot of things and youll dislike many other stuff here but the training is the most important part and its good so i really recommend staying atleast two months or having a flexible date of departure.

I wish good luck and good training to all the school students,teachers and new foreigners that decide to come and learn kungfu.