Leonīds Krasikovs’s travel report

Leonīds Krasikovs's travel report

My name is Leonids, but my friends call me Leo. I am 23 years old and I come from Latvia. I am staying in this school for 6 months.

Life in the school is sometimes hard , but rewarding. If you want to have a grate international experience this place is for you. I study Sanda(chinese kickboxing) and Mandarin. The training is hard , but very good.

Shifus push you to your limits often and that is what kung is all about. Mandarin classes are good. Teacher teaches one by one and sometimes we watch a movie in class.

The accommodation is good. We have shower in every room, good beds and WiFi. Food is simple. A lot’s of vegetables , rice, bread.

One of the best parts of this school is that we go on field trips and interesting events. On weekend you can go to beautiful Yuntai mountains. Don’t be shy , come and join us.