Marek’s travel report

Marek's travel report

When my father purposed me to go to china I thought it was just a big dream that would never come true. My sister was here in the same school 5 years ago and she always told me how great it was but I never thought that I would also be going. I am 15 years old so I just finished my middle school so my parents thought it would be a good moment to take a break and have a new experience. Like one month before leaving my sister talked with me about the school. She made sure I knew that the school is not a hotel so I didn’t expect any kind of luxury. Since childhood I have had a good adaptability to very different situations so it wasn’t very hard for me to adapt to the school.

I have been practicing kung fu in the USA for two years. My teacher is very good and I enjoy the training very much. Because of my work schedule, however, I can only go to the kung fu classes once or twice a week. I wished to train more. When an opportunity came, I decided to go to China. I wanted to get in better shape but also to learn new exercises and new kung fu forms.

I chose Yuntai Mountain International Culture and Martial Arts School because of its proximity to the mountains and the fact that I could train together with Chinese students.

The kund fu training here is hard and demanding. We work on our strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. We learn to overcome our weaknesses and pain. We also learn to be patient,to try harder and to trust our teacher. He is experienced and knows how to gradually advance our skills. Life at the school is simple. We train hard for several hours six days a week. We get enough sleep and nutritious food to let our bodies recover after the training. Students come here from different countries and different life styles. Strangers quickly become friends.