Katia’s travel report

Katia's travel report

5:40 – the beginning of morning training. It’s really-REALLY hard to start the vital activity of some gentle bodies, who not accustomed to meet sunrise every day.

Oh, my God! First week you need just to survive/ whole body pains and single question is: how to escape; where go to sleep?! …>>

Everybody comes here with the different aims. Speaking about me, I came to tempt the fate, trying to overcome myself, doing something what I never did before and also it was a great curiosity to see an authentic warriors, those incredible men from Shaolin.

5 months in school – how was it? – It was hard {if somebody ever saying, that it was easy for him – to study Kung Fu, you should know – it was not Kung Fu}!

What do I got? – If after the first month I might confidently say that I know the basics, then after the fifth I wouldn’t be so sure on it anymore. This period of time was exactly enough just to realize the volume of this “science”, which is the same wide and deep as an ocean, which you can’t rapidly crossover or easily reach the bottom.

As a practicing visual artist, I admit that Kung Fu – is, probably, the highest art in the World (which human being knows for this moment), because to conquest it (when you start to understand what do you do and know how to improve it), firstly you need to conquest yourself.

There, I was {far away} not the best student (by somebody’s opinion, even the worst one/), but all those severities didn’t kill my wanting to continue. To continue to study & to practise Kung Fu.

No doubts, one day I’ll come back and try my forces again (everybody who were there coming back)))

It’s GREAT experience when you let yourself to try something truly difficult, because it’s a single way to challenge yourself and to change yourself to better!

And if sometimes you also feel that the “MASTER”, who can teach you everything, lives inside of your own – what should you do – just to let him wake up early morning.

With the deep gratitude & unlimited respect to all masters of Yuntai-school,