Olivier’s travel report

Olivier's travel report

Olivier sharing his training experience at the Yuntai Mountain School in China.

My experience of this school: Training is excellent.

The shifus are very knowledgeable about tai chi, kung fu and sanda and they really push their students to accomplish things that they would otherwise not do on their own. It is definitely a little bit scary at first as the shifus can really make you work hard and they can be initimidating, but they are also very accommodating. The training is very physically difficult. I thought that I was physically fit, but I learned that I have a long way to go. I also have a very long way to go with the flexibility.

I heard a lot of complaints about the food but I didn’t find that the food was too bad.There is a lot of rice that is served at most meals, but as long as you enjoy rice, this isn’t a problem. I actually think that the food is quite good.

I am also taking Chinese Lessons. The lessons are so far so good. The teacher has to accommodate students of varying levels of Chinese fluency so I have learned so many. Su laoshi is very nice and enjoyable to work with. I have been here for a few months so I learn so much in a very short time ! I work very hard to do so, but the very rigid structure of the school is actually a pretty ideal environment for that.
Overall I am really enjoying my time at the school. I feel that the self discipline, the physical fitness, and training myself to speak in another language will all become beneficial in my life.

I had a very good time here. I improve so much on myself. I get such a good flexibility and I really want to continue to practice and learn Taiji when I will leave the school. It was a very good first experience in China and it will help me so much for my next adventure in this great country!

From Olivier