Stephen Anderson’s travel report

Stephen Anderson's travel report

Stephen sharing his experience training at the Yuntai Mountain School in China.

Training authentic Kung Fu in China. It’s an awesome prospect. It sounds like an impossible fantasy, but it is very real. It is also very attainable. Considering what is included in the marginal fee, the price is very reasonable.

As I write this, I have been at the school for slightly over a month. In that month, I have come to appreciate the school’s greatest asset, the Shifus, or instructors. Each teacher is of the highest caliber, not only in martial skill but in character as well. Each Shifu has expertise in forms, armed and unarmed, Qin na, Sanda, acrobatics, and the various and sundry other aspects of Chinese Kung Fu. While they expect your undivided attention and a serious mind during training, they are very friendly and trustworthy people.

One should not be afraid of the difficulty of the training. Everyone is expected to try their best, but you will never undergo more than your body can handle. You will be amazed how quickly you improve. Things that were frustrating once become easier day by day. In this way, training never becomes dull. Below is my email address should anyone like to ask any questions or share any comments, either of which would be most appreciated.

Stephen Anderson
United States of America