Bruno’s travel report

Bruno's travel report

My name is bruno broothaerts and I live in Belgium at dendermonde. I have been training in this school for 7 months and have had a tremendous intense and beautiful experience.

the trainings require your full concentration and positive instinct. you learn kungfu/taichi/sanda and have about 7 to 8 hours of training per day including 1 hour of free training for yourself. in preparation you still need enough stamina, strength, speed, flexibility etc. I trained before I came here about 4 hours a day and worked a lot on these aspects. preparation is necessary in my eyes if you don’t want to suffer too much here the first week, hey…

You just need a lot of energy and perseverance, I had this, but despite being so driven I got injured and couldn’t walk for a long time etc… so beware blown up, don’t force yourself!

The trainers here are very competent, strict, energetic and motivating. they are very nice people too! straight from the heart. they help you in all circumstances and have a lot of patience especially, that is necessary, for me I needed a lot of time to learn new techniques, was therefore not really technically minded. and this took a lot of time for these people. but that is why you are here to learn.

about life in the school I can say that the atmosphere here is optimal: the fellow students, shifus, teachers, children, all the staff are all very friendly and you name it. stress in this school is not known, maybe just here when you have to get up for the bell that goes off at 05.50. for me to get me out of my bed was not always easy. you quickly make friends here and they soon become your family, a true family atmosphere prevails here and this made my stay so pleasant! everyone has respect for each other and sometimes inside and outside the training also fun is made.

the food here is delicious I personally found. every day they provide something different with rice and noodles. you have here on days off the opportunity to buy things such as oat flakes, fruit juice, milk, fruit, cakes, you name it, many things that you can get in Europe too.

in the school the rooms are reasonable, not super, but you do not really expect if you want to practice kung fu and more traditional to live. the dining room is also apt. the school is pleasant enough to stay in I find.

the area outside the school is very quiet, it is an old village where not so much life is in winter but more in summer. you have here some mountains behind you where I occasionally went for a walk to relax and where I went during the training on walking.

in your free time you can do a lot of business, I went a lot with my friends here to the town nice Chinese business or walk around or go swimming in short nice relax. that free time is also necessary I found to guide you and eat a lot, this I found super, especially the dining area.

I have just about everything discussed and hopefully you now have a better idea about the school. what I can give your need is know why you are here, never give up, go for it, feel the group spirit: together you are stronger in training. when we had for example power training everyone fought together because it was very hard and we had to get through here together, but for this you do it! also to develop your own person better, to relax, to become better in short this place makes a person very happy and complete.