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China Visa - The first step to an exiting time in China

Visa requirements: How to get a Visa for China

We can help you to get your Visa by sending you an official invitation letter of our school.

You will need a Visa to enter China

To enter the People’s Republic of China you will need a visa. China doesn’t have a Visa-on–arrival service, so you will need to apply for your Visa before you come to China. For short-term students, we recommend applying for a 3-month tourist visa (L-type) at your nearest Chinese embassy. For students who would like to stay more than 3 months at our academy, we recommend applying for the X2 Visa (Short Study Visa), which we can easily extend here in China.

We can help you to extend your Visa

We can help you to extend your Visa for your entire stay, should you choose to stay longer. Under normal circumstances,, you can only stay in China for 1 year before you have to leave. This simply means that if you want to stay for more than one year, then you would just need to go to Hong Kong and cross the border back into mainland China.

Where to get your first Visa

You can get Chinese visa from any Chinese embassy or consulate, but usually it is easier to manage it in your own country. You can take the invitation letter we send to you after you apply to our school, which should enable you to get your Visa without any problems. Make sure to calculate enough time for the issuing process. We know the Visa process can be daunting and we are here to make it painless and easy for you, leaving you to focus on your experience in China.

Take a look at our FAQ section, where you will find further information on visa requirements.

Apply in 3 easy steps

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