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Accommodation & facilities of the Yuntai Kung Fu School

Accommodation & facilities of the Yuntai Kung Fu School

Our rooms and facilities are optimized for foreign students, which allow them to focus 100% on the kung fu training.

We offer rooms for more than 600 students.


Our new buildings offer enough place for more than 600 students and offer everything a traditional Kung Fu School should offer. All of our student rooms are bright and comfortable. Equipped with western style toilets and showers, air condition and a TV set, we can guarantee a good life during summer and winter.

Our rooms are each equipped with two single beds, wardrobes, chairs, and tables. We have recently added a refrigerator in each corridor for storing food and drinks. During the summer, two students usually share a room, but in the winter, due to lower student numbers, more space is available. If desired, an individual room can be booked for a small fee (you can find our current prices here). Our goal is to ensure that every student is satisfied and develops as quickly as possible during their training.

The school offers a DSL internet connection as well as a shared computer. Students who bring their own laptops or smartphones can also use our newly installed Wi-Fi for free. 

Washing facilities

The school provides washing machines, which can be used by students at any time for an extra fee of 5 RMB (less than 1 USD).

It’s worth noting that although we try to make our accommodation as comfortable as we can, our kung fu school is in China, and ways of living may be different from what you may be used to in your home country.

As a kung fu school, our main focus is on the kung fu training we offer; the style of living and difference in cultures are all part of the Chinese kung fu training experience.

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