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Accommodation & facilities of the Yuntai Kung Fu School

Accommodation & Facilities at Yuntai Kung Fu School

Our rooms and facilities are specifically designed to meet the needs of international students, providing them with an optimal environment for their Kung Fu training. We understand the importance of undivided concentration during training, and therefore, we have created modern accommodations that can accommodate over 600 students. Bright and comfortable rooms equipped with Western amenities not only ensure a pleasant living environment but also create the perfect space for personal growth. Here, you can fully dedicate yourself to training and enjoy a unique training experience.

Modern Accommodations for Over 600 Students

In our state-of-the-art facilities, we offer an optimal environment for Kung Fu training to over 600 students. Our new buildings are designed to preserve traditional Kung Fu values while meeting the comfort and needs of international learners.

Comfortable Rooms for Every Need

Our student rooms are filled with natural light and cozily furnished, featuring two single beds, wardrobes, chairs, and tables. Typically, two students share a room, but for a small fee (check our current prices here), you have the option to book a single room to meet your individual space requirements.

Cutting-Edge Facilities and Internet Access

Rooms are equipped with Western toilets and showers to ensure a high standard of living throughout the year. Air conditioning maintains pleasant temperatures in both summer and winter. Communication is a priority: in addition to a reliable internet connection and a shared computer, all students have access to free Wi-Fi.

Convenient Laundry Facilities

To allow our students to focus entirely on their training, we provide practical on-site laundry facilities. The use of our washing machines is available at any time for a nominal fee of 5 RMB (less than 1 USD), ensuring more time for what matters most: the development of your Kung Fu skills.

Insights into Chinese Lifestyle

Despite our efforts to provide comfort, we want to highlight that life in our Kung Fu school in China offers a unique experience. Cultural differences are an integral part of the training, providing an opportunity to not only immerse yourself in the world of Kung Fu but also to experience authentic Chinese lifestyle.

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