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Training-Programs for short- and long-term students

Whether you come for a short holiday trip or for several months or even years… we aim to offer each student at our kung fu school, training that is suitable for their needs.

Training facilities and preparation

The brand new training hall is situated close to the main building, looking out onto the outside training area and grounds used for running. Training equipment is provided for all classes, if necessary. For Sanda (Chinese kickboxing) pads, gloves and guards are used as basic weapons for Shaolin form classes. There are training mats used for acrobatics / jumps, take-downs and sparring.

Mastering the basics in Shaolin is key to being able to perform more advanced forms or for having good technique in Sanda. Emphasis is given in training to basics by masters in accordance with traditional training. The practicing of basic kicks, punches and stances increases strength, agility, speed and technique. This progress translates in the traditional Shaolin forms.

Training is intensive, so it is recommended for students to prepare before coming to train. Stamina exercise such as running, swimming or doing sports are good ways to increase fitness levels. Flexibility can be an important mediator of progress so doing stretching or yoga will benefit ability level. For improving strength, a form of functional training such as weights, physio ball-type exercise or sprinting would be effective.

Teaching plans

Shaolin Kung Fu practice entails three levels:

  1. The primary involves form and appearance.
  2. The intermediate level involves `integration of mind and fist`, transforming the tangible into the intangible, turning the law into the lawless, obeying no rules, having no movement to follow and controlling the enemy from the intangible.
  3. The highest level of aspect involves guiding all with the heart and fight with the heart. Teaching plans are based on these principles.

Intro Level (1-4 weeks)

Basic knowledge of Shaolin Kung Fu; Shaolin Kung Fu customs; fundamental kicks, steps and sweeps, punches, palms and hand shapes.

Flexibility training, stability training, endurance training and traditional Shaolin Introductory fist forms like five step form, continuance form or Tongbei form and their applications; Simple weapon forms like staff, broadsword etc.; basic Sanda (Chinese kickboxing) and Tai Chi or Qi Gong if chosen. In this time, you can manage to get a general idea of what Shaolin Kung Fu is like, and learn the methods to practice Shaolin Kung Fu.

Basic Level (2-6 months)

Shaolin Kung Fu theory (to reach a more complete understanding of Shaolin Kung Fu); Shaolin Kung Fu customs; authentic Shaolin health care Qi Gong, Yi Jin Jing; flexibility training; stability training; endurance training.

3-4 traditional Shaolin fist forms like Xiaohong fist, Dahong fist, Luohan fist, seven star fist, Shaolin fist, Changhuxinyimen fist etc. 3-4 traditional Shaolin weapon forms, such as yinshou staff, eyebrown stick, Shaolin single broadsword, Shaolin three section staff, Shaolin 9-Section, etc.; traditional Shaolin forms’ applications and pair forms; conditioning on every part of your body; Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing); counter-acting exercise and pair sparring; Tai Chi Sword (if Tai Chi classes are chosen).

These abilities require: agility of the movement steps, strength and speed of kicks and punches, accuracy of single moves, coordination of your body and the strength, speed and sprit of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Intermediate Level (7-12 months)

Shaolin Kung Fu theory (to a higher understanding of Shaolin Kung Fu); Shaolin Kung Fu customs; authentic Shaolin health care Qi Gong and Yi Jin Jing; flexibility training; stability training; endurance training; 5-6 intermediate traditional Shaolin fist forms like Da huohan fist, mantis palm-blossom fist, pao fist, simple animal forms like eagle style, leopard style, Shaolin liuhe fist; 3-4 intermediate traditional Shaolin forms like Damo staff, southern staff, southern broadsword, Shaolin standard broadsword, Shaolin Damo straight sword, shaolin standard straight sword, palm-blossom straight sword, Shaolin standard spear, etc.

Hard Qi Gong to break an iron bar, etc.:

This level requires the shape of the hand to be correct, the moving of the body to be quick, the body acting as a whole, the eyes following the moving of the hand, steps moving accurately, spirit to be up and strength to be released at curtain moment with speed.

Advanced Level (1-3 years)

Shaolin Kung Fu theory (to a higher understanding of Shaolin Kung Fu); Shaolin Kung Fu customs; authentic Shaolin health care Qi Gong and Yi Jin Jing; flexibility training; stability training; endurance training; advanced traditional Shaolin forms selected from the famous Shaolin 18 kind of weapons, Shaolin Press on medical points, jumping Kung fu. Here are some of the forms: Liuhe staff pair form, double swords against spear, three section staff against spear, drunken forms, tiger forms, crane forms, monkey forms, taizu long fist, drunken staff, seven star broadsword, Shaolin palm blossom sword, Shaolin palm blossom straight sword, Damo straight sword, Shaolin spear, Shaolin rope dart, drunken straight sword, double hooks, double broad swords, etc.

“Shaolin Kung Fu is like a vast ocean; the learning is endless.” – Yanlin

With the optional class, you can choose it on your own and your master will help you to choose something related to your previous practice. Forms at this level need repeated practice, perhaps thousands of times to reach the highest levels of Shaolin Kung Fu.

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