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Wushu acrobatics training - Aerial (cartwheel without using hands)

What to bring with you when coming to China

Here are a few examples of things that you should bring to your training trip.

What to bring

This is not a complete list, but it might help you when packing your suitcase. First, do not forget to bring some passport-size photos for registration at the school and the local police office.

For training in the summer, it is good to have loose trousers or shorts and a couple of T-shirts with you. For winter, some additional warm sweaters for training and free time; a warm jacket and thermal underwear or a track suit are recommended.

It will be useful to have a pair of running shoes for jogging and stamina training. For regular training, students usually wear a type of thin-sole (like Feiyue Shoes, which you can buy here) trainers that can be bought easily after arriving.

Furthermore, you should bring basic and personal medical equipment with you and other special items you may need from your home.

Don’t forget that most of things required can also be bought at the nearest town or in the academy’s little shop. If you pack your suitcase with the mindset that this is a martial arts school and not a holiday camp or a five star hotel, you might have everything you need. 🙂

In summary:

  • Running Shoes
  • T-Shirts
  • Enough underwear (possibly thermal underwear)
  • Loose pants or shorts
  • If necessary, joint protectors, if any needed
  • Jackets and warm sweaters (just for the winter period)

Things to buy when you are in China

It is worth noting that things like washing powder, soap and toilet paper are not included in the monthly fee (this is the general standard in China); however, they are very cheap and readily available in the nearby village/town and in the schools shop.

Personal things and home comforts

China has lots of shopping opportunities; however, some things may not be available to buy or may be hard to find. There are international stores in Zhengzhou, where lots of western food, etc. can be found.

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