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Wushu acrobatics training - Aerial (cartwheel without using hands)

What to Bring to China

Here are some recommendations for things you can bring on your training trip to China.

Items to Bring

This list is not exhaustive, but it can certainly help you when packing your suitcase. First, don’t forget to bring some passport photos for registration at the school and local police.

For summer training, loose and short pants along with a few t-shirts are most suitable. Make sure the clothing is breathable to keep you cool during intense training. Additionally, pack enough underwear, including thermal underwear for cooler days.

It’s also advisable to bring a pair of running shoes for jogging and endurance training. For regular training, students usually wear thin-soled shoes (such as Feiyue shoes), which you can also purchase inexpensively locally. If you already have specialized martial arts shoes, you should pack those as well.

Furthermore, we recommend bringing joint protectors to minimize injuries during training. Knee pads and elbow pads are particularly useful for protecting your joints.

For winter, in addition to warm sweaters and jackets, pack tracksuits and thermal underwear to keep warm in colder temperatures. Ensure that the jackets and sweaters provide enough freedom of movement for unrestricted training.

It’s important to bring a travel pharmacy with your personal medications if you have specific needs. Remember to also take an adequate supply of prescription medications and possibly carry a medical certificate for transportation.

Keep in mind that most necessary items can also be purchased in the nearest town or at the school store. If you pack your suitcase with the understanding that this is a martial arts school and not a vacation resort or five-star hotel, you will likely have everything you need.🙂

To summarize:

  • Running shoes (for jogging and endurance training)
  • T-shirts
  • Breathable and loose pants or shorts
  • Sufficient underwear (including thermal underwear for cooler days)
  • Jackets and warm sweaters (for winter)
  • Sports attire
  • Towels
  • Joint protectors (knee pads, elbow pads)
  • Travel pharmacy with personal medications
  • Diary or notebook

Items Better Bought in China

It’s worth mentioning that items such as laundry detergent, soap, and toilet paper are not included in the monthly fee (this is common in China); however, you can buy these items very cheaply and at any time in the nearest town or at the school store.

Bedding and Pillowcases

We would like to point out that our school provides bedding and pillowcases. So you don’t need to bring your own. We ensure that you can sleep comfortably and pleasantly during your stay. You can rely on us to provide a clean and comfortable sleeping environment by Chinese standards. However, please note that the standards for sleep comfort in China may be somewhat different from other countries.

This allows you to reduce your luggage and make space for other important things. We want you to fully focus on your training and the experience of Chinese martial arts during your stay without having to worry about bedding.

Personal Items and Home Goods

There are countless shopping opportunities in China. Some items may not be available everywhere or difficult to find. However, in Zhengzhou, there are also many international stores where you can find Western groceries and much more. Nevertheless, during your stay, it is advisable to focus on training and experiencing Chinese martial arts and exploring the cultural diversity of China.

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