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School Life – an unforgettable lifetime experience

Thanks to the many years of experience teaching students from over 120 nations, we were able to optimize our everyday school life.

Schoo life – free time & weekends

During the training week, there are breaks in the day between training sessions. Students often appreciate this time for resting, though they may also like to spend it to do their own personal training, meditate, read, go for a walk or listen to music etc.

At the off-day, there is no formal training, so students are free to rest, and with the permission of their master, leave the school to visit places nearby. Students may also ask for a period of holiday if they wish to travel during their stay.

Trips & sightseeing tours

We offer monthly excursions to many attractions in China. Particularly popular are the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, the Great Wall in Beijing, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, the Longmen Grottos in Luoyang or the Terracotta army in Xi’an.

However, the exact destinations vary monthly and are related to the wishes of our students. We decide together with our students where to go on each trip. Keep in mind: there is no obligation and it is up to each student if and in which excursions he or she wants to participate.

What to bring

A trip to China should be well planned. You can also buy most of the things you will need here in China (probably even cheaper than at your home country), but sometimes it is just better to bring your personal needs to reduce stress situations, especially at the beginning of your stay. Here we have listed some points to help you out.

Regular holidays and events

Below, you will find the regular holidays / event days. Although we celebrate some of them, we do not close our school at any time, as we train all year round.

  1. New Year’s Day
    Date: January 1st
  2. The Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
    Date: 1st day in 1st lunar month
  3. The Qingming Festival
    Date: April 4th or 5th
  4. Labor Day (May Day)
    Date: May 1st
  5. The Dragon Boat Festival
    Date: 5th day in 5th lunar month
  6. The Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as the Moon Festival or the Mooncake Festival)
    Date: 15th day in 8th lunar month
  7. National Day (Golden Week)
    Date: October 1st
  8. The Yangshuo Climbing Festival
    Date: October 7th
  9. The Dongzhi Festival (Winter Solstice Festival)
    Date: Date: December 22nd
  10. Christmas (we celebrate it with our international students 🙂 )
    Date: December 24th – 25th

Phone, Wi-Fi & Internet

The school has a computer room with internet connection, as well as a Wi-Fi router, that you can use for FREE. So if you would like to bring your own computer/laptop with you, you can connect to our Wi-Fi network. There is also an office phone that can be used to receive calls. From the nearest post office, letters to and from foreign countries by airmail may take around a week or two to arrive. Parcels may take a little longer.

Money & Banking

ATM’s at the Bank of China can be used to take out money using a card. Cash can also be sent from a foreign country through Western Union. Traveler’s cheques can be cashed at a bank such as the Bank of China and but may take a little while to process.

Food and accommodation is included in costs for the school, so it is not necessary to spend much extra money whilst training, other than for snacks and water, travel and shopping. Students are likely to find that food and many other things are much cheaper to buy in China than in their home country.

Insurance & Health

All information about insurance and health can be found here.

Apply in 3 easy steps

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