Angelo’s travel report

Angelo Mocco from Germany

Angelo from Germany sharing his experience training at the Yuntai Mountain School in China.

I first came to the Yuntai Shan Martial Arts School in China in 2014 to learn Shaolin Kung Fu. At that time, I was a beginner and stayed there for five weeks. I was so fascinated by this martial art that it became an integral part of my life ever since.

In 2023, I returned to the newly built school in China for the second time. I started training here with Shifu Yuan, a highly experienced teacher who has explored various training methods. His competence and cheerful character make him stand out. He not only teaches the different techniques in a very understandable way but also guides us on the paths to learn them.

The training is demanding, well-structured, and challenges everyone in various ways. Shifu Yuan emphasizes accuracy, expression, and energy in executing the different Kung Fu forms.

Unlike schools that exclusively teach foreign students, here you get a good insight into Chinese societal structures, as around 400 children and teenagers also train here.

I highly recommend the Yuntai Shan International School to anyone who wants to immerse themselves intensively in Chinese martial arts in an authentic environment.