Vanessa’s travel report

Vanessa Vildeuil

Vanessa Vildeuil from France sharing her experience training at the Yuntai Mountain School in China.

This is my second time visiting this school, and I was surprised once again. When I came four years ago, the school was already very good. All the teachers were very nice, and so were the students. At that time, I had practiced kung fu for three years, and coming to Yuntaishan had allowed me to improve. I have fond memories of my previous visit. I continued practicing kung fu and returned in 2023 to further improve. The school has changed. There are new facilities, and the kung fu sessions are very varied and interesting. The school really takes care of us and does everything to help us arrive in good condition. There is a very good spirit. We feel at home there, like in a big family. The atmosphere among the students is always very positive as well. Besides kung fu, it is also possible to learn more about Chinese culture and the history of the Shaolin monks, which is always very interesting. Whenever I get the chance, I talk about the school. I plan to return to Yuntaishan whenever the opportunity arises because it truly is a beautiful place and a great adventure to experience. I have changed since my first stay at the school. Usually, I’m a very shy person who doesn’t dare to talk to others. But as soon as I’m here, I feel more confident and approach everyone. I also feel strong enough to try new things, and when I return to France, everything I learned at Yuntaishan becomes a part of me.