Christopher’s travel report

Christopher's travel report

Christopher Pearson from Denmark sharing his experience training at the Yuntai Mountain School in China.

First of all; things are never the same as in your head. And how boring would that be? The things I enjoy the most here at the school are the unexpected ones. For me it’s all about learning martial arts, keeping things fresh, and getting my mind of the cloudy domestic issues as home. Here it’s about the moment. No work, no bills, and no homework that needs taking care of. Set your mind up on martial arts and be dedicated to the training. You’ll need patience, focus, and realistic, motivating goals to succeed.

Things will remain the same at home, so don’t worry about it. If you decide to come to China for martial arts training it would be a shame to block out the experience by longing back home. This will only reflect badly on your personal progress.

As long as you have the desire to learn and possess enough self-discipline to train hard, you’ll be surprised how fast a piece of the “Shaolin Kung Fu Cornerstone” will be in your hands.

This place can teach you a lot; but only if you’re ready for it.

– Christopher Pearson from Denmark.