François’s travel report

François's travel report

François Chaumont
Born on 15/06/1979
Originally from Belgium

As a professional computer developer, I have always thought that I needed to do something on my own. Also, since I was a child, I have had the conviction inside me to go and live abroad and leave Belgium for good.

In 2009, at the end of a tourist trip to China, I had found a place where I could feel good and with multiple opportunities.
First of all, I had to learn the language because, although my level of English was very good, it was not enough to communicate in China.

After research, the most interesting but also the most democratic solution turned out to be to come to this school.
My first goal was of course to study the language, but why not, at the same time, take my first steps in a sport that I had never played before.
So I started the adventure in 2010 and joined the school in May and left in December.

And what an adventure! Not only did I learn a new language (making it a fourth to my credit with French, English and Spanish), but I also discovered a sport, what do I mean a (martial) art, for which a real passion was born.

These 8 months spent at school have gone by at full speed and I have only fond memories of them:
– many meetings, Chinese or international
– new friends
– countless discoveries at the level of culture, language, sport, self, others,…
– a completely different way of life that suits me better
– a life in community within this large family
– …

A return to Belgium was necessary in order to put some money aside before being able to reintegrate again into this beautiful large family that this school represents. I also had the idea of going back to school in order to be able to give language courses (English or French) because this could be useful for the future.

After two and a half years to achieve my goals, I was ready to get back on the plane and continue the adventure where I had left off, and that’s exactly the feeling I had when I arrived at school in March 2013. Of course, there had been some changes, but I immediately had the impression that I had never left.

It is now 8 months since I left Belgium and live here at school.
My level of Chinese is improving considerably, especially thanks to the English lessons I give to young Chinese students, a job that my shifu kindly offered me.
My practice of kung fu has also made a leap forward. As much as my first experience was a discovery, this one is deeper, more intense. It is no longer just a sport, but a way of life, a constant improvement of oneself, one’s physical and mental abilities. I feel the benefits in everyday life, which is simpler, less tiring, more interesting, more tasty, more intense, more passionate,…

I (re)discover myself a little more every day and this experience is all the more interesting when interaction with the locals is possible through this magnificent language that is Chinese. It is then enriched by an unparalleled sharing with anyone who crosses my path and wants to talk to me or with whom I want to talk. It is thus possible to learn more about this culture, this way of thinking, this vision of life,… so different from ours.

This experience that I started living more than 3 years ago and that continues today will determine who I will be tomorrow and will remain engraved in my memory forever.