Ben’s travel report

Ben Lucas from the UK

Ben from the UK sharing his experience training at the Yuntai Mountain School in China.


I have been going on retreats globally for many years but have never experienced such a perfect training environment as in Shaolin Yuntai school. This was a golden opportunity to totally disconnect from Western madness and immerse myself in a new culture and beautiful set of practices. I was able to grow more in two weeks than I otherwise would have in many years of training at home. If you come here for a month and apply yourself to the training, you can experience a radical transformation to your mind and body that can change your life forever. The rooms and food are simple yet clean and healthy. The air is clean, mountains are in the background and I feel I am in the perfect environment to grow fast.


There was a perfect balance between hard conditioning and soft tai chi/qi gong. The conditioning work helped me develop strength, discipline and flexibility, but it was the soft practice that changed me the most. I have been practising tai chi for six years, but the training at Shaolin Yuntai school opened a whole new world. The tai chi forms taught contain a uniquely watery and beautiful quality that made them extremely pleasurable to practice. I was gifted with a lot of one-on-one focus, which enabled me to progress very fast.


The value for money is incredible. I paid less for a month of training than I would for a week in Europe – plus, the quality and environment was much better! I was able to run my business during my free time, generating enough enough income to cover all my expenses. Shifu Yuan was excellent in giving me the flexibility I needed while also helping me to improve my own teaching practice, as I teach tai chi and meditation online.