Chureerat- & Alexander’s travel report

Chureerat- & Alexander's travel report

Chureerat- & Alexander sharing their experience training at the Yuntai Mountain School in China.

My husband was a half year before with our youngest . Alexander was 9 years old to train here at Yuntai Mountain International school for three months and after a half year break I was the one chosen to go with him for training.

For me the whole day training is too much and so I used the opportunity to learn the Chinese language at school in the afternoon class 5 times a week . Training start around 6 o`clock and goes until lunch time ,just enough to cope with the pain.

For Alexander it is just a piece of cake the young baby can absorb the sometimes very hard training ,and if he enjoy what he does ,then he is training also the free training at the evening. The Kungfu school has mostly Chinese kids from around 5-18 years training different martial art styles like Kungfu and Tai Chi or Sanda so always some friends for my son and nice to see them train, and they train sometimes harder than the foreigner at the school.

There are about 30-40 foreigners from different countries the year around different Shifu give you the right training to your level and for sure you will improve .I want to thanks for Yuan shifu the achievement our Alexander has made in the g months of training . we will be back so he can improve more with his physical abilities .For the mental part which is a part of martial art and kungfu it will come slowly as he develops more.

Well some part of the school need to be improved but there is always something which can be better.

Thanks to all good training and keep healthy!