Raphael’s travel report

Raphael's travel report

I’m French, I practiced wushu, but I wanted to increase my level, so I am going on the Yuntai Shan’s school; it was fantastic holiday (the training are very interesting and sometime difficult but it’s funny 🙂 ), very interesting, I discovered a new culture; the Shifu are very nice and there have a good level.

The Chinese’s students are very friendly.

After, I am returned in this school, and it was also great.

There are some negative points on the school, but the school tries to change this point, the teacher and the manager are very open-minded, so if you have a problem, you can speak with them.

So if you want to spend a fantastic holiday, go to the Yuntai Shan (forget your culture and live as the Chinese people)

Good training
If you have some question, you can contact me by e-mail: [email protected]


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