Julia’s travel report

Julia's travel report

I stayed in this kung fu school for one month and my stay here was at first really hard due to the training that i wasn’t used to, but after a while i got used to it and started to really enjoy it.

You learn so much physically and mentally here, always pushing yourself through your limits. I also took Chinese classes which were really good because every student has a book adapted for his level and the teacher helps everyone individually.

The hardest parts of the stay were the restrictions (not going out, no smoking, lots of meetings etc) but eventually you get used to it and only focus on the training.

The food in the canteen wasn’t the best but there is a restaurant where we have options so it’s Ok.

The Yuntai mountain and the Shaolin temple were great excursions and i thank the school for those opportunities. One of the best things here are the people you leave with, everyone supports each other, it really helps.
From Julia